Soundhouse I – Brethren Dementia & The Amazing Inferno

The death metal band Brethren Dementia performs an energetic set and almost brings down the Double Down. Afterwards, the featured performance of the Amazing Inferno delights the audience with his unique style of fire magic.

Mr. Bondi’s Soundhouse was a series of multimedia events that ran in Las Vegas from 1995 to 1998. The goal of the first event was to give a stage to the most diverse Las Vegas musical artists in an engaging environment. The first Soundhouse was presented at the Double Down Saloon in January of 1995. The artists included record store owner Ronn Benway’s two projects Surprise Guest and Morgan’s Orange, Michael Hemby’s band the Disciples, Dan Tana and the Lower Oakeys. The host of the events was Las Vegas artist Anthony Bondi and produced by KUNV disc jockey Doug Jablin. The two had worked together on Club Virtual, a series of weekly poetry events that ran at Café Rainbow in 1993. The Soundhouses ran monthly for 6 months. As the Soundhouse’s evolved, bands from out of town were invited to perform, as well as performance artists and more televisions stacked upon one another. Let’s take the time machine back to 1995 and witness the spectacle that was Mr. Bondi’s Soundhouse.