Press Room

LVTV® is a streaming video network from Las Vegas. Part production company, part network, LVTV, Inc., creates the streaming video web casts known as LVTV, including a shoestring budget travel show for the independent traveler TravelRat™, an eclectic entertainment show featuring music, people and events Vegas Noise™, and a travel show for the whole family, BabyBackPacker™. In addition, the exotic and unexpected Third Ivan™ is produced by Doug Jablin and Third Ivan Productions.

LVTV: From the entertainment capital of the world to around the world.

Streaming web shows since 1998, LVTV is one of the pioneers in Internet video and entertainment. Using the latest in computer video technology, LVTV produces its shows in both Flash Video format and in downloadable MP4 (H.264) format allowing for compatibility with almost any computer operating system, mobile video player or mobile phone.

LVTV’s executive producer is Mark Borghese. The creative producer is Kimberly Borghese. Notable credits and contributors include deedee Molnick from, Video Artist Doug Jablin, and free lance producers Rob Daniel and Randy Jandrucko.

LVTV is brought to you in part by Zenestar a Las Vegas Functional Medicine practice and a Las Vegas Aesthetics Med Spa.