Ephesus, Turkey

The ancient city of Ephesus was a huge metropolis in Greek and Roman times. With a population exceeding 250,000 Ephesus was a major port and trade center. The city was an important religious center as well. It was home to one of the Temple of Artemis seven wonders of the ancient word. The city was also home to the Apostle Paul and John early years of Christianity and where mother Mary spent the last years of her life.

We visit this ancient city and walk the marble road, see the Celsus Library, the Odeonm, the Theater, Curetes Street, the Fountain of Trajan, the Temple of Domitian, the Fountain of Pollio, and the Commercial Agora. We also tour the excavation still ongoing at the Terrace Houses. Nearby we visit the ancient Basilica of St. John.


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