Backroads, France

We head off the beaten path and into rural France. We explore the villages and vineyards near Montpellier in the south. Then it is up and over the Millau Viaduct and into the rugged backcountry. Once there we explore La Grotte du Pech Merle and see pre-historic cave art from 25,000 years ago. We round out our trip by heading over to Carcassonne, an ancient fortress and fortified city.


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Music by Jahzzar / Birthday Cake (00:34);
Music by Lame Drivers / Frozen Egg (01:39);
Music by Vitus Von Degen / Black Gloves (02:47);
Music by Kraus / Happening for Lulu (03:34);
Music by MrJuan / Rumbaluna (VIP) (08:45);